How I Conquered Breast Cancer Without Chemotherapy

My Journey from a Mess to a Message

On August 1 2019, Francisca heard the words that no one ever wants to hear come out of their doctor’s mouth: “You have cancer.” She knew from that moment on, that her life would never be the same. But contrary to what you may think, her life actually got better! In Francisca’s story “How I Conquered Breast Cancer without Chemotherapy: My Journey from a Mess to a Message”, she wants to share with you her journey from being a cancer patient to being a cancer survivor within a year. She will share with you every lifestyle change that she implemented and how it became clear that every choice she makes directly affects her overall wellbeing. From food to prayer, supplements to exercise, this book will provide you with great insight as to how everything in your life can directly affect your physical health. Francisca’s passion is to share as much as she can about her healing journey with people so that she may help others live long, energetic and fruitful lives!

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About the Author

Francisca Epale is the award-winning author of “The Naked Educator: How to Survive in the Middle Kingdom (2016)” and “The Naked Educator: Secrets to Surviving in China as an Expatriate, second edition. (2018)”.

She has taught English as a second language and French in the United States of America, Canada and China for more than 20 years, from public school system to post-secondary levels. Francisca proudly holds a Bachelor of Arts in French from Edinboro University (Edinboro, PA, USA) and a Master of Arts in Teaching French as a Foreign Language from Mankato State University (now Minnesota State University), Mankato, MN, USA.

Her certificates to teach English include: TESL Ontario from (CCLCS) Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies; TESL Canada from Hansa language Centre and TESOL from Global TESOL College (all based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.) Francisca is also an accredited community French interpreter in Ontario, Canada.

In addition to her own publications, Francisca is also a contributing author and International Best Seller of “365 Empowering Stories: Stories and Poems that will inspire and empower you and bring more laughter, joy and love to your life! (2019)”. Her contribution entitled “My Journey: The Seven Amazing Steps that Shrunk My Uterine Fibroids” was celebrated and well received. (This chapter also has a medical disclaimer).

Francisca has acquired her Distinguished Toastmasters Designation (DTM), the highest award bestowed on a Toastmasters member (with only 2% of members ever attaining this coveted award!) In addition to this great accolade, Francisca is also a certified World Class Speaking coach through Craig Valentine, MBA (1999 World Champion of Toastmasters International) and a certified independent John Maxwell coach, speaker and trainer.

Francisca is a perpetual learner and because of her passion to coach, empower and inspire people about her breast cancer journey, she is currently studying to become a certified Health and Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute (USA). (Expected graduation is 2022!).

During her leisure time, Francisca enjoys reading, writing books, watching movies, brisk walking, jogging and aerobics. Francisca Epale is available to deliver keynote presentations and coaching for individuals or groups.

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How I Conquered Breast Cancer Without Chemotherapy

My Journey from a Mess to a Message

Chapter 1 “The Genesis”

A back ground story on how I was diagnosed with breast cancer

Chapter 2 “Necessary Life Style Changes”

Things I had to eliminate and do differently to get rid of my cancer

Chapter 3 “Holistic Nutrition”

How I followed a strict diet and I had to omit diary, meat, wheat and sugar

Chapter 4 “ Supplements”

Extra supplements I took in addition to my holistic nutrition

Chapter 5 “Intermittent Fasting”

My frequency of eating my meals have changed and are less frequent from Monday to Friday

Chapter 6 “Plant Good Seeds”

I give back to my community in different ways.

Chapter 7 “Selfcare”

The different ways I took care of myself to heal from cancer

Chapter 8 “ ‘Fertilize’ Your Body”

Things to do to your body to make you more healthy

Chapter 9 “The Power of Faith and Hope”

Having a strong belief and faith in God because the spiritual realm supercedes the physical

Chapter 10 “My Life After Cancer”

Things in my life I did differently after recovering from breast cancer

Chapter 11 “Transforming Into a Health and Life Coach”

I want to help other people through individual and group coach teaching 20 percent and 80 percent transformation

How I Conquered Breast Cancer Without Chemotherapy

My Journey from a Mess to a Message

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